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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Geralt of Rivia was in search of work when he came across an unusual woman living in the woods. A couple days spent in each other's company and Geralt must continue on his way.

Unfortunately, not before tragedy and injustice strike. As always, nothing and no one are as they seem.

Geek Therapy — Geralt x reader We're Married? Part 1

You are a half-elf who had your family taken from you as a child and has since lived with an abusive tavern owner. Geralt swoops in and says Hm and Fuck a lot. She has taken to a contract to kill Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf.

She spends months tracking him, learning his habits and patterns in order to complete her contract, and falls for him over that time. Request: Hey! I have a request for Jaskier x reader and maybe a little Geralt x reader where Jaskier is jealous of how close the reader and Geralt are, and finally expresses his feelings for the reader For Anon. While Jaskier is out of town for a performance you and Geralt test the waters of your new relationship. This final tale we are including though it is clearly nought but the romantic fancy of the Redanian brothels.

Unlike the other tales found within this slim volume, only one person has shared this story with us. It is not commonly known. This leaves your editor to remark that you should take this story in the spirit it has been presented - as a fantasy story spun to titillate bed house workers, and not a true telling of sharing a bed with a Witcher. Our naive and inexperienced readers are advised to take the previous accounts in this book as fact, and avoid the touch of a Witcher.

Witchers are poisonous fruit - dazzling to the eye but deadly to the taste. Such pursuit leads only to the ruin and discomfort of virtuous people. You're plagued by memories of your past which has a huge effect on your friendship with Geralt and Jaskier; will they be able to stop you from making a terrible mistake? Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation.Originally posted by daeneryssansa. My head laid on top of a hard chest. Brown eyes that belonged to the body I laid on were staring down at me in a loving way, an arm was lazily thrown over my waist, holding my body to his own. Despite the war that loomed around the camp we sat up that night; I knew I was safe. I broke eye contact and looked down at his chest as I place a hand on top of it, right above his heart. I slowly dragged my eyes away from his chest and back up to his eyes.

Holding eye contact, I leisurely lifted my hand to where only my fingertips gave a ghost of a touch against his skin. I could hear his heart speed up, but his facial features remained neutral besides the smirk on his lips. Within seconds the dagger under my pillow was in my hand and I was sitting up in bed. I pulled the covers back and quietly stood up, my footsteps light and silent as I moved across the floor. I stood behind where the door would open and waited to attack.

The lock finally clicked, and the door slowly opened, a hooded figure stepped in. Without thinking, I moved swiftly, stepping towards the intruder, my dagger raised, and headed down towards their neck. With barely a blink of an eye, the figure spun around and a tanned, scar flaked hand was wrapped around my wrist, halting the movement of my dagger filled hand. Pearl white teeth in a cruel, smiling mouth were the first things I saw as I studied the figure, then it was the icy blue eyes.

I took a moment to collect myself once I was alone then, I started packing with one thing on my mind. The dream of Taileth was still fresh on my mind six hours later. I looked towards the direction of his scent to find the very person rounding a corner, blue eyes meeting my own as he did — Jaskier.

I tried telling myself that him and Geralt went their separate ways, but by the way his eye widened and the cheerfulness that was displayed on his body and in his step was now serious. That alone told me that he was looking for me, and if he was looking for me, Geralt was too. I broke my gaze with Jaskier and moved Sonja where the light breeze carrying his scent towards Ramerd was blocked by my body; not knowing or willing to find out if Ramerd knew it.

By the way his eyes shinned, I knew he knew I was up to something. A smirk found its way to his lips. I found myself thankful that he decided to humor me. He took a step forward, ready to give the boy a piece of his mind when he was cut off by a woman running past Jaskier yelled at the kid but stopped and turned towards him. Before he could say anything else, the woman was gone, running after the child. Jaskier shook his head, trying to shake out the thoughts of the child, the woman, and Flavus from his mind.

He stopped in his tracks when he met the eyes of the very woman Geralt and Flavus had been searching for the last two weeks, his eyes widened. Her presence was normally unnerving for Jaskier, but the look on her face and in her eyes brought a new type of fear to him. Jaskier forgot about food and turned around, breaking into a run because he knew he had to tell Geralt and Flavus.

Geralt was surprised at how much emotion the assassin was displaying with only knowing him for a couple of weeks, but he guessed that assassin was just as desperate as he was.Writer Silmarillion Fandom Follow me other blog: always-be-lilith-never-eve. Originally posted by richarddmadden. Summary: You and Geralt had a past together.

A past that you wanted to run away from it but after one of your hunts, Geralt show up, trying to convince to return to him. Throwing another log into the fire, I rest my back to the dense tree behind me. Beside me was my only friend, Ellie.

She was a dire wolf, her coat was black as the night. Her eyes were like two rubies, shining with the light from the fire. She was being beaten to death by two drunk men in the back of a tavern in Cintra. I saved the small cub and healed her wounds. After that night, the small creature follows me to every here. A sigh escape from my lips as the memory of Geralt playing with her runs through my head. I and Geralt had a relationship before given that we were partners in crime.

It was a weird relationship i must say but i loved him and I thought that he loved me too but i was wrong. They feel no emotion. But stubborn as i am, i follow the elf to the window. Seeing the two of them so close, so full of love made my heart break.

That was the last sight of him that I remember after i left that awful place, leaving behind a concerned Jaskier. The she wolf let out a small whine and push her warm snout into my neck. Chuckling, i stood up and grab my bow and sword, holding them firmly on my back. Kicking some dirt to the fire, i start walking into the dense forest with Ellie follow me close behind. The villagers of White Orchard Village said that there were some problems with ghouls.

They attack people and even took houses from poor people. Grabbing the handle of my sword, i pull her in front of me, ready to fight. Ellie starts sniffing the ground and a low growl leaves from her large mouth. The sound of a stick breaking grabs my attention. Turning to where the sound came from, i notice the bushes shaking.

When i was about to stab the bushes, the sound of a loud growl behind me grabbed my attention. Turning my head to the side, i saw a ghoul jumping to me. I close my eyes, ready for the impact but it never came. I turn back, in time slice another ghoul that has come out from the bushes. I hear Ellie taking another ghoul and breaking his neck. After killing the group of ghouls, i took the head of one of the horrendous creatures and hanging it on my waist, so the villagers could see that the monsters are gone.

Looking around, seeing the corpses of the creatures laying around and blood everywhere. I even gave the job to a Witcher that had arrived at the village this night…Ahh, fuck! Now i have to tell him that his assistance will not be needed. A shiver runs down my spine with the sound of his rich and deep voice. His golden eyes staring to mine intensively, full of concern and relief.Hey guys, thank you so much for all the love for my other story! Part 2 here. Vendors lined the streets selling everything you could possibly imagine, shining jewelry, beautifully woven fabrics, and oooooooh well well well what do we have here!!!

What exactly is she doing? He practically had to roll you away afterwards. Jaskier scrunched his mouth as he watched you continue to whisper to the pastries, completely unaware of the weird looks people were giving you. Some time later you found yourselves gawking at the massive architecture that was the Castle de Servia.

Calling it massive would be doing it a disservice. The guards led you through the castle and into a small side room. Red carpets lined the floors along with a beautiful mahogany table. The walls had several portraits, obviously of the royal family.

You saw an older man, a woman, and a young girl about your age all ornately painted. Hmm why do people always look so upset in portraits.

A man, probably in his mid fifties, entered. He was balding and on the fluffier side, dressed in a puffy sleeved shirt, with a velvet red vest over it. The man looked uncomfortable for a moment before he scooted closer and leaned in as if he was telling a secret. Since then there have been several banquets of celebration, as there are still many things being discussed and processed.

One of those being the upcoming wedding of our Princess Annora and their Prince Edgrin.

— Truth Be Told Geralt x Reader

Hence the big celebration we are having this evening, an engagement party of sorts. His innards were ripped out and his eyes…they were gone. Clearly it was the work of a beast. And why would a monster suddenly decide to start targeting officials from Servia? It just doesnt make any sense. A new habit that did make you feel more like partners. Our king is good, but his fault lies with his hate for Targeris. It took much convincing from everyone to finally have the king agree to peace.

But he would quickly jump to accuse them. I have no doubt a war would begin if this were to happen…for the sake of peace, they cannot know. Everything about this job just seemed off. A monster who hand picks their prey, disappearing officials, and the king hasnt even the slightest idea?

Witcher 3 ► THE WORST ENDING: Ciri and Geralt Die

Why cant we just stay in the shadows until something pops up? Probably monster hunting rule 1. By blending in as elite members of society, no one will question you as you move about, not even the royal family. As in couple of friends? Couple of siblings? Couple of cousins??Maybe something smutty? Gimme some Geralt x reader smut please? Wake up. You almost slapped him. You needed him awake to drink a healing potion. You held his back to help him.

You reached to the cup filled with steaming, muddy liquid and pressed it against his lips to make him drink some. He cringed. It took me hours to stitch you back together. You pressed your hand on his forehead and discovered with relief that his temperature dropped. It was a good sign. You leaned and kissed where he pointed. His appearance softened slightly. You left a trail of kisses from his forehead to the eyelid, hearing him murmuring something about his lips also being fine. You kissed his twist with your smile, warming his cold lips on yours.

You licked his bottom lip before pulling away. He dragged you onto himself, whining when he accidentally sat you down on his wound. You always looked for the sunrays in them, for the sands of the deserts and glow of the stars. You shushed him with a kiss, welcoming his tongue in your mouth. His hands slid to your waist, hugging you tightly, not allowing you to make a move.

You loved his possessiveness, how he made you feel like the only woman on earth. Like a queen, his queen. You kissed his cheek, the stubble on his jawline, the vein pulsing on his neck.

Salty taste of his sweat danced on your tongue when you licked a scar above his collarbone, then lower, sculpted muscles of his stomach.

geralt x dying reader

He relaxed under your touch, tensing only when your fingers pulled on the string of his leather trousers, untying the knots. He was already hard and dripping when you freed him, making your mouth water. You wrapped your fingers around him, rubbing the velvety skin with your thumb, spreading the wetness from the tip to the length for better friction.

One move of your hand was enough to make him sigh, and that sigh quickly turned to gasp when you closed your mouth around the warm member. You swirled your tongue around the tip, closing your eyes at the taste you collected, sucking it hotly, feeling the aching slowly build up between your legs. You took him deeper and moved your head up and down, his gasps like a music to your ears.

His hand collected hair from your face and grabbed it as he watched your mouth and tongue work on his shaft. He throbbed in your mouth when he bucked his hips to force more of him through your lips, causing you to gag a little. You pulled away, licking a stripe along him one last time.

He reached to you, pulling you up, to his lips and greedy hands that almost ripped your dress when you positioned yourself above him. With one move your clothes were abandoned on the dirty floor.

You reached to his shaft and guided it between your folds, rubbing your clit on it. Your juices were mixing as you were riding him this way, each vein and unevenness sending bolts of pleasure through your body. Geralt groaned, held your waist firmly and violently bucked his hips, thrusting his impressive length all the way into you. A moan sounded in the room, your heat throbbed with pleasure. While one of his hands was holding your hip, guiding you to move faster, the other travelled up your body, to your breasts.Request: Can you write a future!

Somehow reader ends up in Geralt time and travels with him. Thank you for requesting! You landed on the ground on all fours, the wind circling the dead leaves around you.

You were a part of a scientific group working experimenting with time travel, before they tested out the machine they wanted to make sure you would be prepared for the time period.

They provided you with a satchel with a good amount of gold and silver so you would be able to purchase necessary items until your return. Your necklace, one that looked like a simple locket was your way to message back home, it being a small portal of sorts so your team and you could pass notes. A big man sat upon his horse, his yellow cat-like eyes analyzing you. He wore all black armour, a necklace of a wolf hung around his neck.

You stared at it for a second, debating if you should take it or not. You glanced up at him, his face had small scars littered across it, his white hair starting to fall out from the tie that he put in it this morning. You sighed, and decided to trust the mysterious man. Grabbing your arm, he helped pull you onto his horse. How were they planning to get you back?

Were they actually going to retrieve you? He shook his head, trying to figure out what he was going to do with you. It was strange to him, but not unwelcome. It was nice to be seen as something else than a mutant monster hunter.

Arriving in town, Geralt scouted out the nearest pub and inn. He hitched Roach at the entranced and helped you down from the horse and held the door open for you.

Upon entering the whole pub went quiet.

geralt x dying reader

Geralt sat down and gestured to the seat next to him, inviting you to sit. You accepted his offer and awkwardly sat down, not used to the clothes you were wearing.

The barmaid returned with two large mugs filled with ale and placed them down in front of you both. Geralt immediately started to down the drink, you on the other hand smelled it and took a small sip. It took everything in you to not gag and spit it out. Geralt shifted in his seat, grabbing his coin pouch and passed her the gold for the room and the ales. More time silently passed between you both as he finished both ales, listening to the drunken banter of other patrons.

This would be the first of many days you and Geralt shared together, both of you being unable to go your separate ways.You helped out whenever you could because your father worked four jobs. Being a farmer was just not enough these days, given that you lived in Novigrad and almost everyone were farmers.

geralt x dying reader

You looked up when you heard a horse galloping past the farm fence. It was the witcher. The whole town was gossiping about him. He did the same today. You smiled and as he passed you picked up your basket of vegetables and started back inside. That he was a bad man, a murderer. You thought he was doing a very selfless thing, destroying evil that would otherwise harm the innocent while putting himself at risk.

His silver hair, his golden eyes and even that stoic expression, you wondered if you should say something the next time you saw him. Night was falling and you had dinner ready on the table for when your father got home.

You were putting some flowers you picked from the garden in a small vase when there were loud urgent knocks on the front door.

You took off your apron and opened the door. The sight that awaited you made you gasp aloud and step back a bit: it was the witcher, he was leaning on the door frame with his hands clutching his side where blood was gushing out. His hands were red so were his clothes and you could make out a trail of blood splatters on the ground behind him.

His face matched the color of his hair. Before he could say anything, he dropped to his knees and coughed up more blood. Your head was spinning and you wanted to hurl, but instead you knelt and unwrapped the shawl around you and held it against his open wound. He winced. He gasped for air and put his arm around you, you helped him up and guided him towards your bed, which was the closest.

With his help you removed his armour and his chemise. You inspected the wound, and you knew what you had to do. You ran outside and hunted for the herbs to make the salve your mother had taught you. In minutes you made it and rushed to his bedside with fresh linen to wrap around the wound.

Geek Therapy — Geralt x Injured reader part 1 Part 2 Pairing:...

You found him passed out from the pain. You finished patching him up when your father walked in looking scared after seeing the gore fest at the front door. You explained everything to him. Once he went to bed, you checked up on the witcher and decided to stay next to him incase he woke up and needed something. You pulled up a chair and curled in it reading a book till sleep took you. You fluttered your eyelids open and looked around to see the witcher sitting up in bed looking at you intently.

You stood up in a flash remembering the events of last night. Do you need anything? Witchers heal fast, but not this fast. He undid the bandage and you saw that there was only a crimson scar which looked exactly like the other hundred scars on his body.

His reptilian gold eyes bore into your soul. He understood and he pulled you in by your hand. Your arms entangled in his hair, you got up and sat on his lap folding your feet on either side of him. You glided your tongue into his mouth and played with his.

His hands slid down feeling every curve on your body and ended cupping your butt.